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jump_intohonor's Journal

Kain Highwind
External Services:
  • jump_intohonor@livejournal.com
Name: Kain Highwind
Age: 23
Eyes: Deep blue
Hair: Long, blond; tied back into a ponytail that sticks out back of helm
Distinctive features: Deep sky blue Dragoon armor with distinctive dragon helm, constant spear at his side, never-changing stoic expression and aloof demeanor.


► Mun Info/Profile/Background/Samples: Here
► IM Screen Name: ~TBA~
► Room: Mediterranean 107
► Roommate: Caim
► Allies: Edward Geraldine [Edge|getwithaprince], Rydia [Lady Rydia|mistcaller], Rosa Farrell [Rosa|loveisbutatheme], Cecil Harvey [King Cecil|reflectreveal]

[This journal is for fun pretendy timez only. | Mun takes no credit for original creation of character.]
[This chara is played by aisuyoukai. | It is currently being played at aegean_iterum.]
[Mun AIM: goldxlll | Chara AIM: ~TBA~]