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† †

[Voice post]

...this isn't a castle, and this is not Baron.

I want to go home.

[Screened to FFIV cast--sorry everyone else, but this is kinda...tough for him to say]

[voice post; he speaks softly, melancholy]

Everyone... I am sorry.

I did not mean what I--I said. That is, I did not realize... I hope you will understand. What I feel inside it is not that deep, not that angry or harsh, it is only a small bit and--I regret having that other me say it as much as I regret not saying it myself. I would never mean the things to be so, so forceful.

What I mean is... while I can no longer deny my true feelings, I am sorry for them--no, sorry that I hurt any of you with them. But I understand now. At least... I can come to terms, and hopefully learn from my mistakes.


[voice post; the voice is obviously Kain's but... ?]





Come play with me~~~
[most definitely a voice post; its possible he doesn't realize the computer is recording as he sounds like he's talking more to himself than anything else]

That's right I suppose... This is a lot like your home, isn't it? ...The one that I...
Knight Devout--Sir Beoulve--

I do believe either you're mistaken--or you're a lier. Which is it today?

† eyes burn with stinging sweat †

I am certainly glad all of that nonsense is finished. What mage managed to foul up their spell? What sort of damned spell was that? Surely this doesn't happen often here? I am afraid from the rumors that it does.


I will be in the park. Training. If anyone would like to spar you are more than welcome to join me. Rosa, Rydia--if either of you would rather... whatever... you may...
The first week I am here and this happens. If this is portent to the continuance of staying here perhaps coming here was not such a wise choice after all.

...Although, any hardship is simply a test to truer integrity. It is what I aimed for on Mount Ordeals.

I will endure. For now.